Hosting and Maintenance of

Crisis context/scope of workHumanitarian data review and analysis through DEEP
Geographical scopeGlobal
Project periodApril – December 2020
Donors/partnersInternational Federation of Red Cross (IFRC)
BudgetUSD 20,000
ProblemDFS’ solution
DFS has been DEEP’s principal platform developer since its inception in 2015. The DEEP Board needed a partner who could continuously develop and maintain the platform for global users in the humanitarian sector. DFS has been a leading voice for the adoption of a centralized data system for the humanitarian sector and as technical lead, it has ensured the uptime and functionality of DEEP would be modern and secure. 
DFS has instituted a serverless infrastructure to reduce hosting costs and provide a more stable, performant, and scalable platform. DFS carries out regular maintenance and recently launched a major software update to the system.