Tracking Gender-Based Violence, UNFPA

Crisis context/area of workGender-Based Violence 
Geographical scopeGlobal
Project periodJan 2019 – ongoing
Donors/partnersUnited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
BudgetUSD 38,385
Technologies used: Drupal
ProblemDFS’ solution
The Gender-Based Violence Area of Responsibility (GBV AoR) website is the collective initiative of several non-governmental organizations, UN agencies, academics, and other actors. The unique partnership seeks to ensure life-saving, predictable, and effective gender based violence (GBV) prevention is at the center of natural disaster and humanitarian crisis responses. 
The GBV AoR, led by UNFPA, supports GBV Coordinators in cluster structures by providing an integrated platform for stakeholders to seek guidance through relevant reports, tools, and resources. 
As activities and collected data have rapidly increased, the collective’s initial website was no longer suitable to organize relevant resources for global partners.
DFS proposed a more modern look and feel for the GBV AoR’s website and developed a more durable technical framework for future growth. 
The new website provides functional elements across every screen size including desktop, tablet, and mobile. DFS ensured the integration of essential functionalities of the GBV AoR including a dedicated space for field support, help desk, communities of practice, and a library of critical resources, tools, reports, and events calendar. 
DFS provides continuous support for the GBV AoR with ongoing maintenance of the new website.