GO Platform and COVID-19 Dashboards; IFRC

Crisis context/scope of workConnecting information on global emergency needs with the right response
Geographical scopeGlobal
Project periodJan 2019 – ongoing
Donors/partnersInternational Federation of Red Cross (IFRC)
BudgetUSD 300,000 till Jan 2022
Technologies used:Django, Postgres, PostGIS, React, Mapbox, D3.js
ProblemDFS’ solution
The GO platform was launched in 2018 as part of IFRC‘s modernization and digitization of disaster information. The system supports Red Cross Red Crescent Societies worldwide allowing IFRC to make disaster information universally accessible and helpful to all IFRC responders. 
In 2019, IFRC needed additional features on the GO platform such as information about which national societies were doing what interventions and where. 
An initial ‘Who does What, Where’ or the ‘3w’ tool had been developed but IFRC needed a more centralized platform that supported more information in multiple languages. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated IFRC’s needs to provide program progress and support decision-making. IFRC needed technical support to structure and visualize data in a user-friendly way.
DFS has been providing technical support for IFRC’s GO platform since 2019. In partnership with IFRC’s Information Management team, DFS worked as a developer to optimize the 3w module of the GO platform to allow synchronized data input and data visualization using business intelligence software including Tableau or PowerBI. 
To improve access to COVID-19 emergency information, DFS supported the development of COVID-19 dashboards. The resulting visualizations created a more visually engaging landing page, organizing critical data in a more usable format that supports the automatic translation of content from English into Spanish, French, and Arabic (IFRC’s official languages). DFS rolled out digital wayfinding across multiple languages including specific navigational features, key figure references, and crisis summaries.