Improved humanitarian response through better data.

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Our Background

Data Friendly Space (DFS) was created in 2018 and is a U.S. based non-profit organisation. The main objective of DFS is to improve information management and analysis capacity, tools and processes in the humanitarian and development community in order to enable better informed and more targeted assistance.

DFS staff is composed of experts from the humanitarian information management and analysis field who specialize in real time secondary data review and development of humanitarian apps that support timely extraction of information from large volumes of unstructured data.

If you’d like to learn more about DFS, click on the link above to download our portfolio.

DFS staff is closely linked to the DEEP initiative ( and part of the benefits from DFS contracts directly contribute to the maintenance and further development of DEEP.

Our Team

Ewan Oglethorpe

Executive Director

Staisha Perry

Administrative Manager

Stephen Weir

Director of Finance

Valentin Pistorozzi

Development Director

Katie Godwin

Communications Officer

Patrice Chataigner

Assessment & Analysis Advisor

Doug Smith

Director of Operations

Josh Woodard

Senior Technical Advisor

Mariam Asatryan

UI UX Advisor

Matthew Smawfield

Visualization Developer

Bishal Timilsina

Software Developer

Aditya Khatri

Software Development Lead

Celia Fraisse

Secondary Data Review Officer

Glenn Rolland

Senior Technical Advisor

Helene Pelisson

Global Analyst

Caroline Garcia

Secondary Data Review Officer

Diana Catalina Segura Medina

Secondary Data Review Officer

Gretchen Murphy

Senior Advisor

Saroj Dhakal

Technical Advisor

Xavier Chataigner

SDR Quality Control

Chloé Liegaux

Secondary Data Review Officer

Fanny Delemer

Secondary Data Review Officer

Florence Rabezandriantsoa

Data Review Officer

Jose C. Cobos Romero

Secondary Data Review Officer

Julien Chatellier

Technical Project Manager

Nadia Noumri

Global Analyst

Shirley Lgbinedion

Global Analyst

Andrea Benoist


Jean Baptiste

DEEP Innovation Lead

Aldo Benini

Senior Quantitative Analyst

James Sparkes

Global Analyst

Landon Newby

GIMAC Team Lead

Our Board

David Oglethorpe

Board Member

Laura Bowser

Board Member

Valeria McFarren

Board Member

Charlie Wells

Board Member

Our Partner Organizations.

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We're still growing DFS and our website, but feel free to get in touch in the meantime.