Ukraine Analyses

The analyses provided are synthesis of information collected and tagged using the DEEP platform from publicly available sources and supplemented by assessment data provided by humanitarian partners working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

March to June 2022: These reports have been prepared on behalf of the Information Management and Analysis Cell (IMAC) in Ukraine, but the analysis provided is conducted independently by Data Friendly Space (DFS). Mapping support provided by MapAction.

September 2022 onwards: The analyses are based on publicly available information and data shared through the Assessment and Analysis Working Group for Ukraine. However, the analysis presented, and conclusions drawn are solely those of Data Friendly Space. The production of this report is possible through the support of IMPACT/REACH who also produced the maps and graphics used.

Situational Analysis (February 24th 2023)
Situational Analysis (January 27th 2023)
Situational Analysis (November 18th 2022)
Analysis Brief (November 7th 2022)
Situational Analysis (September 23rd 2022)
Situational Analysis (June 7th 2022)
Humanitarian Conditions of Refugees in Countries Neighbouring Ukraine (June 3rd 2022)
Humanitarian Conditions in Conflict Affected Areas of Ukraine (May 31st 2022)
Situational Analysis (May 23rd 2022)
Situational Analysis (May 9th 2022)
Analysis Brief (May 1st 2022)
Situational Analysis (April 23rd 2022)
The Impact of the Conflict on Children (April 20th 2022)
Situational Analysis (April 6th 2022)
The Impact of the Conflict on the Health Sector (April 4th 2022)
Situational Analysis (March 24th 2022)
The Humanitarian Impact on Cities under Bombardment (March 21st 2022)