Improving Emergency Needs Assessments, UNHCR

Crisis context/scope of workHumanitarian needs assessment processes
Geographical scopeGlobal
Project periodOctober – December 2019 
BudgetUSD 10,540
ProblemDFS’ solution
UNHCR utilizes DEEP for qualitative data analysis in a variety of humanitarian emergency contexts. Sometimes they need specific features in DEEP to support secondary data analysis and emergency needs assessments. In 2019, UNHCR needed improved functionality in DEEP such as modified text selection and easier project management when tagging data in DEEP.DFS partnered with UNHCR to define their need to simplify data tagging and categorization. We were able to modify the platform’s work flows to allow users to more consistently maintain data tagging associations with qualitative data in DEEP. 
DFS also developed features to enable project administrators to create a set of labels to simplify data management as well as a widget to make adding free text to the DEEP platform more efficient.